AIP Management

There Is No Doubt That Sometimes It Feels Like Your Venue Chewed You Up, And Spit You Out.

As Venue Directors, we understand. You’ve created something epic, now we can help you take it to the next level. With VenQ you can offer your couples/clients the easy button of wedding planning with less work for your Venue team. 

An All-Inclusive Package is an extension to your existing business model. 

How We Get Your Venue There.

Market Research
VenQ will research your direct competition and create an all-inclusive (AIP) for your clients budget, which will increase your event volume while protecting the integrity of your brand

Vendor relations
Finding Vendors you love is one thing! Finding Vendors who represent your brand in a price point structured for growth is another. VenQ will research the team, set expectations and manage your AIP relationships.

Financial Management
VenQ will manage the finances of the AIP. Including Vendor and Client contracts management. As well as matching your current Venue payment structure, providing Vendor deposits and final payments they can count on.

Heres Why AIP Management.

  • Growing Your Reach
  • Great for Your Client
  • Freeing up Your Time
  • Massive Vendor Network
  • You’re Staying Cutting Edge
  • Expanding Your Business Model
  •  Less e-mails with clients and Vendors
  • A Management Team Who Really Cares
                     (A Real Person on The Phone)
  • The VenQ Eco system
                     (Enhances overall experience for Vendors and Clients)
  • We understand how important this is to you. it’s a dream come true, and we will take the best care of it. why? because we loved Our venues too.  

Hmm, I Wonder If I Should Just Manage My Own AIP?

“Too bad that DJ got a flat tire on the way to the wedding, I’m glad VenQ had it covered!
Happy Venue Owners
‘That couple that needed their date changed on the contract five times, I’m glad VenQ took care of it.’
Happy Venue Owners
“I have to spend my Sunday issuing 12 vendor payments for the month. JUST KIDDING! VenQ handles that.
Happy Venue Owners