VenQ Consulting

VenQ Consulting

Congratulations, on your new endeavor! 

We get it. You’re invested in this vision, and you’re excited! Us too actually, VenQ absolutely LOVES launching a business, and watching a family-owned business thrive, after all, we are one. 

Whether you want to be at every event for the next 10 years, or this is an investment for you and you’d like to be a little more hands-off, we can implement strategies and processes for you to achieve your business goals. 

There is a ton that goes into a venue in order to accomplish an overall look, feel, and design, but what about the business model? Projections? Your ideal client? Who are your biggest competitors? It can feel daunting, but truly, discovering who and what you want your business to be is the foundation you need for longterm success. 

So, what makes VenQ Consulting qualified to help? 

Megan, the founder of VenQ has 13 years of Venue experience including community-focused spaces, luxury award-winning wedding venues, tech development, and overall hospitality. She admires entrepreneurship, capitalism, and has core values that focus on God, Family, and Country. Megan says “Watching a new business grow is my favorite thing, if you would like VenQ to support you in your vision, send us a note, we can’t wait to cheer you on!” 


Scope of Venue Services

Each and every business is unique, and your business development should be too. We offer customized discovery and development plans and will draw you up a proposal to fit your needs after our initial complimentary consultation. You will find a list of our popular services beow. 

Business Model



All-Inclusive Package Management


The Venue Do’s & Don’ts

Risk Management

Overall Aesthetics


Vendor Relationships

The Ones You Want

The Ones You Don’t

Aligning Your Partners with Your Brand

Fining Your Niche Partners in the Event Community


Team Creation

Employment Needs


Sales Training

Venue Policies


Rules & Regulations