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VenQ Went To Wedding MBA!


A Note from your VenQ Team 

VenQ was an idea that popped up a couple years ago, it started off to just be to an app for Venues, but wow, the more we dug in, the more we saw this need to create a platform for the event community that supported family-owned businesses because that is the majority of what our event community is, small, local, kickass, full of heart, family-owned businesses…

 And it just exploded. I mean late nights of exciting ideas, paper thrown all over our bedroom, sketches, and notes… we are so excited about the foundation we are setting to promote community, and when you are working towards something you truly believe in the sky is the limit.


There were a couple things we wanted VenQ to accomplish while dreaming this up. The first thing we wanted to offer was a mobile app to Venue’s that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, something that was high functioning and not generic, I wanted it to be specific to their venue’s offerings and business model. 
Next, we wanted venues to have the opportunity to get back the mass amounts of money they spend on advertising while offering our friendors the most direct and cost-effective way to book clients. 
And while VenQ is all of those things, while dreaming the features up, it grew. Into this thing that we are so proud of, for the sheer fact that we are getting the opportunity to create and give back to the event community by creating this platform, and honestly if the concept of community can be accepted on a large scale, this will revolutionize the wedding industry. 

Husband and I are big dreamers, goal setters, and even though sometimes it’s scary, we feel like typically it’s worth the risk… I guess that’s an entrepreneur right? Ed and I have 2 kiddos, and 3 dogs. When we aren’t working full time jobs, creating new endeavors, or hanging with the fam we… no just kidding, thats all we do. Thank you for hearing the dream, and spending a moment to get to know us.

xoxo Megan Riviezzo

Edward Riviezzo also known as “Husband” is the anchor. While Megan throws out these big dreams and visions, Ed is the one that slows her down, tells her what she needs to hear, even if it isn’t what she wants to hear. Ha! They are the yin to each others yang. 

Ed graduated with a bachelors in Business Management, and has 8 years of experience managing within a multimillion dollar corporation. In 2018 Ed decided the corporate world wasn’t for him, left the job he got his degree for, and started in the trades. He absolutely loves it! He has the best of both worlds with being challenged by VenQ, while still getting to work with his hands everyday. Ed manages the financial division, our investor relations, and Megan’s expectations, #truthbomb. 

Ed is so excited to see the progress of VenQ and truly believes in it’s future success. It’s so exciting to have this thing that can improve every division of the wedding industry, we love the fact that this platform allows Venues to prove their innovation, vendors to have this direct advertising option that will help grow their business without being “ripped off” for lack of better worlds… and Couples! How cool that these couples get to hire vetted vendors, that their Venues trust. We’re just stoked about the whole damn thing.


Levar Berry is the developer of  VenQ, and honestly your classic entrepreneur. Megan presented this idea to Levar in October 2019, and him and his wife Ioana jumped on board with much enthusiasm! 

A note from Levar: Starting at the age of 16 with a video and photo business, I have had my hands on something ever since.

Working as a CRM consultant has truly allowed me to see a world most can not. I have worked with some of the largest and smallest companies in the US. I have also seen good managers/leaders and some very bad ones. Imagine having worked for over 300 companies in just about every industry…. thats what CRM consulting has given me.

My goal is to build a lasting brand name where the world can benefit from those things are in my head keeping my up at night. So far I at least got the name “eDriven”.

Specialties: My technical expertise stems from a hobby I had as a kid wanting to see how computers worked. I learned how to write QBASIC at the age of about 12 all on my own… then later taught myself Pascal and the web scripting that is popular today. My CRM expertise is combination of all the things I enjoy doing:

Sales & Marketing with Technology. My degree from Kent State was in marketing. I had already self taught myself all the technical classes offered, so marketing was only natural. 

We are ecstatic to watch VenQ grow into an amazing company! 

The Concept

Supporting Family Owned Businesses
Promoting the Power of Community

VenQ was designed for Venues with an emphasis in Supporting the Vendors you love and the Clients you serve. 

The Mission

The Mission is to enhance your dream. You’ve created something epic, and venQ will come in with the assist, so you can take it to the next level. your brand. your vision. our expertise.